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No good game would not have a background story. Below is the Rising Force Online background story, split up into 10 Chapters.


Background Story

Chapter 1: The beginning to the end

Earth, a planet with so much history, home to mankind and the birthplace for so many stories and events. It’s purpose to bring forth life and the meaning to why we are here. Unbeknownst to us, it holds deep dark secrets that will play their part in... More Chapter1.jpg

Chapter 2: Ancient civilizations at war

Dohyun, President of the Arcane Club and a once highly respected anthropologist, was leading the research into the origins of human civilization from the confines of his research facility in the Lablum Sector. As the key founder to the Arcane Club, his academic peers treated his work and findings with...More Chapter2.jpg

Chapter 3: Another civilization, another race

The Herodians, residing on the planet Vega in the Lyra constellation, have a violent and destructive past. More interestingly they have a very important role in which...More Chapter3.jpg

Chapter 4: The advent of the Arcane Virus

Mankind had grown as a race, its progression seen in the developments made within the galaxy. The expansion to the furthest reaches of the galaxy paid testament to their success. The tragic events to follow came with the advent of the new and deadly virus, designed to systematically wipe out...More Chapter4.jpg

Chapter 5: Novus, the new hope

Doctor Dohyun and his companions escaped the Lablum sector before its annihilation, beginning their voyage to nowhere. The search was for any inhabited galaxy containing human life. Messages were transmitted into the ether, only to be met with the silence of empty planets and the...More Chapter5.jpg

Chapter 6: Novus, Novus

"For thirty three years myself and my colleagues have travelled around the deep cold of space, looking for our Utopia, looking for traces of human life. Twenty-six of my fellow colleagues and personal friends have passed away leaving but myself to live on and tell our story. We have risked and sacrificed our lives in this journey...More Chapter6.jpg

Chapter 7: The ‘New Breed’ of Mankind

The Earth Association was the government body representing the whole of mankind within the Solar System. From the early days of the unified Earth Association and it’s planetary offices, the development of the Solar System and implementation of the 4th Galaxy development program had been completed and set in stone as...More Chapter7.jpg

Chapter 8: Conception

The Accretia planet was an inhospitable place, boasting the largest ocean in the sector, twinned with continents that were composed 65% desert. The land itself was dry and infertile and these hostile conditions made the environment unliveable. What lacked above ground, thrived below the surface with underground...More Chapter8.jpg

Chapter 9: The beginning of a new civilization

It was inevitable that the Mutated Virus would find its way to the Novus sector. It’s devastating effects put the Accretia Scientists into a crazed panic. In a bid to protect themselves from this terrible plight, the scientists actively destroyed...More Chapter9.jpg

Chapter 10: Holymetal and the Herodians

The Herodians' interest in the human race peaked after their encounter and resilience to the biological weapon attack. With the Taurus constellation falling foul to this same weapon it was apparent there was need for concern...more Chapter10.jpg

Tales of Heroes

Tales of Heroes 1 - Giz Kadasha

As even the most illiterate Bellatean foot soldier should know, Corite society is organized around a caste hierarchy; the closer to the ruling caste a person belongs to, the closer she is to her god, Decem. As soon as he’s born, a Corite is...more Kadasha-3small.jpg

Tales of Heroes 2 - Sitz BeHammer

After the revolution that put an end to the Larfath Dynasty, the new administrative center was established in Valhalla. People had so much resentment for the Larfath House that confiscated all powers and was plagued with greed and corruption...more Behammer-2small.jpg

Tales of Heroes 3 - Rotan the Third

With Rotan the Third, the issue of classified information that already prevents us from shedding light on every part of Kadaha and Be Hammer’s lives, takes on a new dimension entirely...more Rotan_small.jpg


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